Sternhall Lane Surgery looks after all the the nursing homes in the London Borough of Southwark. These homes are Burgess Park, Tower Bridge and Queen’s Oak care homes.

Our service runs from Monday to Friday during surgery opening times. We provide routine, proactive and urgent care and support treating patients at home and avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions. We work closely with a large multidisciplinary team who all support our work within the homes.

Nursing homes and the MDT can click on this link for some useful documents and signposting for common services used in the care home setting.

For any queries please contact us using the surgery details and ask for Moira, our nursing home administrator.


Cervical Smears. We encourage routine cervical smears and we will remind you when your next test is due. The practice nurse will carry out smears, by appointment. The doctors will carry out smears during surgery of refer you to the practice nurse if more appropriate.


Family Planning – We offer information, advice and support for all forms of contraception to any of our patients. Contraceptive services are provided during normal surgery hours.

If you require emergency contraception this should be administered within 72 hours, (the earlier the better). Ask the receptionist for an urgent appointment.

We also offer contraceptive implants, if you would like to choose this method of contraception then please make an appointment with Dr Liz Henderson.


When you become pregnant the doctor will refer you to the team and you will receive a booking appointment and an appointment for your nuchal fold scan from the hospital.

The practice offers maternity services, sharing antenatal care with our local hospitals and community midwives. Our ante-natal clinics run on a Monday between 10am & 11.30am by appointment only.

The doctors and community midwifery team carry out maternity services. Please let the receptionist know if you need an antenatal appointment. Postnatal care and examination is generally performed in the surgery unless the hospital advises otherwise. Please let us know as soon as you have had your baby.


We acknowledge the physical and emotional difficulties associated with the menopause and are available for advice and treatment as appropriate.

Helpful hint – If you are booking an appointment for a smear, health check, immunisation or special medical assessment, please tell the receptionist. They will be able to given you an appointment of the correct length and in the right clinic.


Each year, in early October, we begin our Flu campaign. We invite patients who are over 65 and those with certain conditions to attend for a vaccination.


The health visitors job is to help children under 5 and their parents stay healthy and to advise on prevention of illness. Health visitors are qualified nurses who have done extra training in childcare and development, and health promotion. All pregnant women and families with young children have a named health visitor; who can advise on a wide range of social and health topics.

Our baby clinics are held on a Wednesday afternoon where you can get your child immunisied and talk to your health visitor. This is a walk-in clinic between 1.30pm & 3.00pm.

Managing Parenthood – People wishing to discuss any aspects of parenthood are encouraged to see their health visitor.

They can be contacted in their office at 020 3049 7250


The district nurses are qualified general nurses who have taken further training to work in the community. They visit and help people at home who cannot get out. If you need to contact the district nurses please ring 020 3049 7250.


Child Psychologist. The psychologist is able to help with a wide range of problems affecting children and adolescents, as well as their families. Referrals to the service can be arranged through doctors or other health professionals.

Counsellor. Our experienced counsellor is available at Sternhall Lane each week. They offer to help people with a variety of problems such as depression, relationship difficulties, or those suffering physical symptoms with no apparent physical cause.  The patient’s doctor, nurse or health visitor refers patients to the counsellor. What you talk about with the counsellor is confidential. The first session with the counsellor is an explanatory one. It may end there or lead to short term therapy at the clinic, to membership of the Clinic Psychotherapy Group or a referral to a service elsewhere.


This service is for people with drug & alcohol addictions. The clinics are run here every week on a Tuesday afternoon by appointment only. If you are having difficulties with any drug or alcohol issue then please make an appointment with your gp who will refer you to this service.


Our dietitian is here every Thursday and alternate Fridays. Your doctor will refer you to this clinic if they or you feel you need help with your diet, weight issues or general advice on healthy eating.


We are offering a simple test for Chlamydia and gonorrhoea. These are the most common sexually transmitted infections in the U.K. which affect both men and women. Most people have no visible symptoms, so they may not know they have the infection.  Rarely, these infections can lead to problems having children later in life. If you’re under 25, have had sex and would like to be tested please pick up a confidential slip on the wall near the prescription window and hand it over to the reception staff who will provide you with a testing kit. You can do the test while you’re waiting for your appointment. The test is free, confidential, simple and painless.


If you need an interpreter to help you when you see the GP or nurse please tell us in advance so arrangements can be made.


It is necessary for us to make appropriate charges for certain items of non-NHS work. There is a list of current charges in the reception area and if you have any queries please ask the receptionists. You are entitled to a receipt for any monies paid. If a patient is not eligible for NHS medical care appropriate charges will be made. Information will be provided in reception. Emergency care will be given, free of charge, at all times


We provide a confidential service to all of our patients including under 16s.

Please feel free to make an appointment to discuss any health related problems that you might have. Including:

  • Emotional problems
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Contraception
  • Bullying
  • Sexual health
  • Growing up


The practice recognises the right of the patient to choose a named Healthcare Professional for general treatment or in relation to a particular condition. Any such preference expressed by or on behalf of the patient will be recorded in writing.


All consultations and discussions between patients and any member of the Primary Health Care Team are confidential. This includes the doctors, reception staff and all attached staff at the surgery.

Foreign Travel and Immunisations

The surgery currently does not offer in house vaccinations for travel. You can have this done at our sister practice, The Lister Walk In Centre, Peckham Road, SE15.

You will need 2 seperate appointments, one initial assesment appointment where you will discuss your area of travel and various other types of advice and also obtain your prescription. You will then need to book an additional appointment to be vaccinated once you have collected your injections.

When you collect your injections from the pharmacy they must be stored in your fridge until your appointment.